Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fragile Things

Fragile Things

Green stem,  arrow leaf
ivory flower
November cool above the bite of ginger.
The brightening torch

is born to kiss the shadow,
flight and song to validate the meadow.
The heart-tide drumming
where your brow is hollow

fills the eye with dazzle
with the sudden flare
of bluebirds on
a feint of air.

~July 2017

for Magaly's  fragile,natural,wild

(I'm very fond of poppies, but my wayward and difficult muse chose to sport with a different flower.)

Image: Cup of Silver Ginger, ©Georgia O'Keefe  Fair use.


  1. You can't argue with a must who bring you stuff like this.

  2. Yes, my own eye was "filled with dazzle" yesterday! ;-) I love "ivory flower" because it makes me think of "ivory tower", as if the simple stalk and bloom were something imposing and unknowable, while in fact it is unimposing (except perhaps in its beauty, and then that's still not the right word) but may indeed be unknowable except in how we react to it. I love it when you compose poetry about nature, flowers in particular. Your love of them comes through.

  3. I love how this sings when read aloud... there is something so special with the autumn bloom.

  4. I am in love with the truth that dances in the dark of your 4th and 5th lines. I think those words can give life to so many--who believe themselves too dark to be good or worthy (of whatever it is they might want). I love that it says, "See, my darling, you are here for this. The universe wouldn't have it any other way."

  5. This is a beautiful capture of an illusive/elusive time of the year. There is the bite, the beauty, and the flight of birds migrating, perhaps, to other, warmer shores.. These images dazzle the eye for a second of bliss.

  6. "The brightening torch is born to kiss the shadow" is a brilliant line. I love that "feint of air" too. The entire poem is a wonder! Loved it.

  7. Yes, this is beautiful and I can imagine the scene watching creatures in the wild going about their lives untroubled by my presence.

  8. I love how this flower blooms as this matures

  9. Fragile for me burns at the edge of nothing, and so much here depends on what won't be sustained. Or rather, I guess, we are sustained by the fleeting-- that "sudden flare / of bluebirds on / the feint of air." Our education atop the ivory flower is all we can handle anyway. You crafted this delicately enough to bouquet that perfume inside a cold inside such plush white folds. Amen and stamen.

  10. Oh, the joy of nature. I am with Bjorn, reading this out loud is such a treat.


'Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance' ~Carl Sandburg